Best Electric Scooters in Australia [2021 Guide]

Best electric scooters in Australia guide

Electric scooters have never been as popular as they are today, giving people an opportunity to travel five times faster than walking, while also enjoying a reduced environmental footprint, inexpensive cost of ownership, and a whole lot of fun!

With so many benefits, it's no wonder that we are seeing and increasing amount of electric scooters in cities both in Australia and across the world. But this popularity means there are also so many electric scooter models and brands to choose from.

To zero in on the top electric scooters for 2021, we’ve put together this quick guide.

Let’s dig right in!

Electric Scooter Considerations for Australian Conditions

There are a variety of different things you want to consider before you invest in a new electric scooter designed specifically for Australia and Australian conditions.

Right out of the gate, you need to focus on the overall quality of ride that an electric scooter can provide you.

Scooters that haven’t been designed for the uneven and inconsistent terrain that Australia is known for. Even in urban areas, riding electric scooters can be difficult, mainly due to road surfaces and layouts. Some otherwise fantastic options that work wonders on perfectly smooth and consistent surfaces, aren’t ideal for Australian pavements and roads (not to mention off-road activities).

Three major factors go into ride quality more than anything else:

  • Wheel Size
  • Tire Construction and
  • Suspension Systems

Electric scooters with wheel dimensions that are smaller than 8 inches in diameter are going to result in a horrific riding experience, particularly over long distances and over uneven terrain.

Air-filled tires are much smoother (when it comes to ride experience) compared to solid tires, though you should invest in tires that have a “puncture proof” fluid inside, which helps self-repair your tires while on the go.

Lastly, you’ll want to invest in a suspension system that is intelligently designed and will not hinder the overall power or performance of your scooter. You don’t necessarily need a big suspension system, but you’ll want something that can cushion big blows and uneven surfaces.

The overall speed, braking mechanism, and range of your new electric scooter will also play a big role in whether or not it is suitable for Australian conditions.

As many laws stipulate that electric scooters must be used in the bicycle lanes, it’s imperative that your electric scooter has a minimum speed that would match the speed of a bike. This not only means you will avoid being in any commuter’s way, but you’ll also have enough speed to accelerate out of situations that require a quick response. We therefore recommend owning a scooter that can reach speeds of at least 24 km/h.

With speed, comes the need to brake, so we recommend owning a scooter that has ABS braking, which will allow you to stop in a safe and timely manner. And with Australian cities being quite dispersed, you are better off investing in a scooter that has a range of around 30km to make sure you get where you need to go before you run out of power.

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s dig a little deeper into four of the very best electric scooters money can buy here in Australia.

Raine One Electric Scooter [Designed for Australian Conditions]

Raine One electric scooter

Okay, okay – full disclosure here.

We’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and effort to create what we feel is truly the very best electric commuter scooter money can buy.

We are responsible for bringing the Raine One e-scooter to market, but we completely believe everything this new Australian-designed electric scooter has to offer, and we know it’s the best scooter available!

Working specifically to create something perfect for Australians, we’ve used our own experiences in cities and towns throughout the nation to inform how this scooter comes together.

Made out of high quality carbon fiber that keeps it lightweight, strong, and compact, we’ve also included an innovative lithium-ion battery system to guarantee plenty of speed, stability, and range out of this amazing piece of technology.

Equipped with ABS braking systems, a smart in-built locking mechanism, “night vision” LED lighting, and our innovative front and rear poly-shock suspension system - there’s a reason why so many independent reviewers and testimonials are also calling this the very best electric scooter – maybe not just here in Australia alone, but anywhere around the world.

We love nothing more than for you to try out our new electric scooter yourself to experience everything it has to offer, but in an effort to give you an independent view of the top electronic scooters available in Australia, we’ve included a couple of other great options you’ll want to look into, too.

See our all the details on the Raine One here:

Xiaomi M365 e-Scooter

Another popular option (not just here in Australia, but around the world – especially in Asia and Europe), is the Xiaomi M365. It’s compact, portable, and offers plenty of power.

It isn’t capable of speeds quite as fast as our Raine One (and has a much shorter range), but it is still one of the best electric scooters money can buy for Australians thanks to its intelligent design, semi off-road capabilities, and quick charging battery pack.

Capable of reducing one hour walking commutes down to just 15 minutes, the scooter feels lightweight, easy to control, and very stable even after your first ride. Unlike some of the other electronic scooters out there, you don’t really have to fiddle with the controls to get this scooter responding the way you want it to.

It just seems to work right straight out of the box – and that’s a big bonus!

See our full Xiaomi M365 review here.

Segway Ninebot ES2 Electric Scooter

It should surprise absolutely no one looking into electric commuter vehicles that the folks at Segway would have a good option available. After all, this was the company that really helped kick off the entire electric commuter vehicle market with their original Segway vehicle – and they’ve included a lot of that top-tier engineering and technology in this electric scooter.

Capable of speeds approaching 25 km/h and providing a range that can stretch out to 25 km total, it has a maximum weight capacity of right around 220 pounds/100 kg, while remaining super lightweight and affordable.

A little lacking in the “bells and whistles” department – the only LED lighting system for night riding operation is mounted underneath the deck of the scooter as opposed to out front. This may hinder navigation, but this is still a pretty solid option for those looking to improve their commute and travel time.

See our full review for the Segway ES2 here.

RAZOR E300 Electric Scooter

A little bit bigger, a little bit bulkier, and a little bit more “oversized” than the other scooters we have highlighted above - the folks at Razor have created this electric scooter with younger adults and teenagers in mind.

Capable of speeds that can get close to 25 km/h, but with a battery life that only stretches out to 40 minutes before it has to be charged for at least five hours, this scooter may not be perfect for your commute – and it probably won’t work for zipping around town running errands, or meeting friends.

That being said, it is bigger, bulkier, and oversized because of its safety features and stability benefits. Wider tires, a wider deck, and a more upright riding position ensures you are able to cruise around with total confidence when riding this scooter (even at full speed), without having to have a whole lot of scooter experience under your belt already.

Read our full review of the Razor E300 here.




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