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About the Team

About the Team

Raine was founded in Melbourne, Australia by three passionate entrepreneurs. James Murphy, the co-founder of the BajaBoard off-road electric skateboard, wanted to design and create a product that’s easy and fun to ride. Marc Alexander, the co-founder of the LIFX smart light bulbs, adds his years of experience running successful companies and designing electronics. Michelle Mannering, the co-founder of the Black AI visualisation system, adds her marketing and partnerships flair.

Together, they are the ultimate trio, focused on providing customers with amazing products and high-quality service.

Marc Alexander

Co-Founder and CEO

Marc is a highly driven business and technology leader in consumer electronics and smart embedded products. He brings his global experience and leadership to Raine, ensuring the Raine One can redefine transportation the world over. He is currently the Chief Product & Technology Officer and Co-Founder at LIFX, which is now one of the world’s largest manufacturers of smart lights.

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James Murphy

Design Engineer and Co-Founder

James is Design Engineer and Co-Founder of Raine. James originally created the Raine scooter as a fun, innovative and stylish way to get around town. James is a mechanical designer and former semi-pro RC car racer whose first business, BajaBoard, started in his garage and now produces the world’s best all-terrain motorised skateboard. James has brought his unwavering passion for innovation, design and a focus on rider experience to Raine. In his spare time James works with the next generation of entrepreneurs through his work as a mentor and advisor at the University of Melbourne’s prestigious Accelerator Program.

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Michelle Mannering

Head of Partnerships & Events

Michelle is Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships at Raine. As a Content Producer in the realms of technology and a “Hackathon Queen” Michelle brings her experience in fostering community and collaboration, her passion for innovation and a background in both science and communications to the Raine team. Michelle has won a range of awards for her work, most recently the Dell Young Hero Entrepreneur of the Year and the Social Media Influencer of the Year.

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