Segway ES2 Review

Segway ES2 Review

The Segway ES2 Review is a well built, fast, and easy to ride scooter. This scooter packs some serious features and options. However, it packs a serious price point as well. This is one of the more expensive scooters, but if you are using a scooter to get to and from work, this is a great choice.

One of the biggest perks with this particular scooter is the option to add bolt-on batteries. This feature allows the scooter to have more battery power and thus, go further and last longer on a single charge. With this upgrade, you should be able to go up to 45 kilometers on one charge! These scooters also charge much faster than other electric scooters. Without a battery upgrade, they will charge in 3.5 hours and are ready to go. This is one of the best scooters for longer commutes as the distance is much greater on a charge than many other options.

The tires on the Segway are hard rubber and not the soft pneumatic ones of some of the other competition. It was built to help inner-city workers to commute to work in an environmentally-friendly fashion. Because this scooter is electric, it is operated on green power and does not give off any emissions. The top speed of the Segway ES2 is approximately 25 km/h. It is considered a lightweight scooter weighing only 12.5 kg, which may still be a bit of a load for some. It is made from aluminium alloy, and has some plastic components as well.

Adult Commuter Scooter

This scooter was designed for the adult commuter in mind, and isn't actually recommended for kids. The handlebar has all the vital information that is needed such as the battery charge level, the speed, and current speed mode. And yes, there are speed modes that can be set as well. The first mode will be the "slow" speed, which is used when there are a lot of people and traffic around. This mode is set through the scooter's smartphone app. This allows you to set the speed to what you are comfortable with in high traffic areas. There is a "turbo" mode, which sets the scooter to accelerate quickly and cruise nicely along as well.

The brakes are very responsive and are on each side for ease of use. The handlebar grips are made of foam and are very comfortable. However, this foam wears out more quickly than that of a rubber grip.

A Scooter with an App

Yes, we mentioned an app. This is a smart scooter and it will track everything you do on the scooter, including distance and speeds. This is where you can set speed limits, as well as cruise control for the scooter. And, it is a nice safety feature as well if your scooter is left, as it can be locked so the wheels won't function. And, it will alert you if it is moved. Obviously, this doesn't stop a thief from taking or carrying it. But, if they do, they will be tracked via the app, so it is certainly a deterrent.

This scooter is waterproof and can go through puddles without a problem. If you are looking for an electric scooter that will take you to work and back with ease, this is a good electric scooter option for you.


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