Razor Electric Scooter E300 Review

Razor electric scooter E300 review

Razor Electric Scooter E300 is made by one of the most popular scooter brands. This scooter is not equipped with headlights or taillights as some of the others on the market making it arguably a little riskier on the roads, but it does offer some unique features of its own.

The Razor Electric Scooter E300 offers a very nice sized deck that is fairly easy to balance and can hold up to 100 kgs. On a full charge will go approximately 16 kilometers, which is a good distance; however, other scooters can go longer.

And, the biggest cons for this scooter?

  • It's charging time that takes approx. 12 hours to complete.
  • It will run on a full charge for about 90 mins.
  • The top speed is only 24 kilometers/hour.

The Razor Electric Scooter E300 is fairly heavy and isn't that great for smaller kids. It weighs about 25 kgs and is harder for the little ones to maneuver. This is a great option for older kids as well as smaller adults to take around and run quick errands.

The tires are nice 10" tires that are pneumatic, meaning they hold air. This allows them to absorb some of the lumps and bumps of the road and makes for a much smoother ride. And, they are easily replaced, should there be a nail or other object that punctures them. This makes them a better choice than the hard urethane wheels that are puncture proof but makes for a rough ride. The throttle is a standard twist style throttle and not the push button design.

Positives about the Razor Electric Scooter E300

This scooter has a retractable kickstand to hold it up when not in use and operates on a 24 Volt battery system. It is rated for 100 kgs or under, however, with less weight the scooter does better. IT will likely struggle with anyone close to 80-90kg’s.

One downfall for some is that the handlebars are not adjustable. So, for those taller people, this scooter will require some bending over and sometimes that's not very comfortable for riding. For the average person, this handle height is okay.

The scooter can go up hills, however, not super steep ones. Like most electric scooters anything over 18 degrees is considered too steep. This also is dependent on the weight of the person on the scooter, as the scooter is run by an electric motor and is chain driven. There is no need with this particular model to give the scooter a push before the motor kicks in. It is ready to ride right from standing still.

The Razor Electric Scooter E300 is the largest of Razor's line up. It is a fun and great scooter for those older kids as well as the kid at heart. It comes with its own tool kit for those needed tune-ups and tire changes as well.

This scooter does not fold up like some of the other models and options out there, however, it does on a kickstand and can stand on its own. It will work in grass and dirt, okay; however, its best performance is on harder surfaces like asphalt.

The Razor E300 is a good scooter choice from a scooter company that’s been around for a while.

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