New E-Scooter Engineered to Transform Performance, Safety, Range

New e-scooter

-- New electric scooter brand Raine’s premier model – Raine One – offers better battery-life, shock absorbers, bigger all-weather tyres, the strength and durability of aluminium carbon fiber, and a suite of innovative features like GPS.

Raine One launches a Kickstarter 1 November. Go to for more info.

Designed in Melbourne, Australia by James Murphy – founder of the Bajaboard off-road electric skateboard – the entrepreneur had dreamt of building an electric scooter since the age of 15. In 2017, he made the first version in his garage.

“My starting point, believe it or not, was the ground,” says Murphy. “How you want to interact with the surface you ride on is a crucial component when designing any form of transport.”

Raine One’s poly-shock suspension smooths out bumps and uneven surfaces. The suspension is connected to 10-inch high-grip all-weather tyres for a smoother, safer, more stable ride. Its aluminium carbon fiber body is strong but light.

To create Raine, Murphy teamed up with fellow Melburnians, Marc Alexander, co-founder of the LIFX smart lightbulb, and Dell Young Hero Entrepreneur of the Year Michelle Mannering. Together, the three bring over 50 years’ experience delivering smart technology to market.

“We want the scooter to be part of your life, and to be awesome for you,” says Mannering. “Get from A to B in the shortest time possible, but also have fun while doing it. With Raine, we’re bringing safety, we’re bringing range, we’re bringing power, we’re bringing this really cool style.”

“As a team, we have a multitude of strengths in different areas,” says Alexander, who launched LIFX on Kickstarter. “I love getting things right for customers. I love creating things that people enjoy, and I’m able to do that from a multi-layered background in consumer electronics and smart products that connect to you.”

Alexander is excited to have partnered with Murphy and Mannering.

“James is a very thoughtful designer, he analyses and thinks about every aspect of a product, not only the engineering aspect, but the reliability and how well it all works together. Michelle meanwhile is a powerhouse of energy and an incredible community manager who loves connecting with people.”

Mannering credits Melbourne’s startup incubator culture.

“The Melbourne ecosystem has been integral to our success, particularly in developing each of us as founders,” Mannering says. “Communities like the Melbourne Accelerator Program, Launch Vic, Startup Vic, Inspire9, FAB9, and many others have provided networks, knowledge, and guidance in many areas of entrepreneurship. These experiences are key to us building the best version of Raine Scooters."

With a top speed of 50 km/hr (31mph), coupled with an extended range of 40 kilometers (25 miles), Raine One glides further, faster than any other electric scooter. Raine One fast charges in two hours.

A digital display keeps speed, battery usage, GPS to your destination, and time all in one place. Front and rear customizable led lights ensure riders are seen. Anti-lock brakes add an extra measure of safety.

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Raine One Specs:

Speed 50 kmh / 31 mph

Range 40 km / 25 miles

Drive system Ride dynamics with traction control

Motor High power, brushless hub

Battery Li-ion, protected

Security Patented Smart lock, app-connected

Recharge 2 hour Fast Charge mode, app-connected

Frame Aluminium Carbon Fiber composite

Suspension Front and rear, polyshock damped

Tyres High grip, puncture-proof all-weather tyres

Deck Composite washable silicone high grip

Weight 12kg / 26 lbs, one hand carry

Braking Electronic ABS, regenerative rear, disc front

Lighting Programmable bright white and full color front and rear.

Side Light UV charged wheel rim safety lights

Rider Nominal 100kg / 220 lbs

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