Tips On How To Ride An Electric Scooter Safely

Man riding electric scooter with helmet

If you’ve never stepped onto an electric scooter before, it’s natural to feel a little nervous.

The good news is that electric scooters are very easy to ride. In fact, they’re even easier to ride than a bicycle.

If you rode a push scooter as a child, then you’ll feel right at home on an e-scooter. You won’t even have to use your feet to kick yourself along!

It’s important to always keep safety at the forefront of your mind whenever you’re on the road, even if you feel confident on an electric scooter.

We’ve put together this helpful guide that will not only help beginners learn how to ride an electric scooter, but also how to do it safely. In this article you’ll find:

  • Tips on how to get started with an electric scooter
  • Steps on riding an electric scooter
  • Safety gear to wear riding an electric scooter
  • Common electric scooter riding mistakes
  • Common electric scooter injuries

Tips on how to get started with an electric scooter

Even if you’ve had previous electric scooter models, each one is different. So, we recommend you spend some time getting to know your new electric scooter before you hit the road. Here are our tips:

  • Find a big empty open space to practice
  • Wear correct safety equipment (eg. helmet)
  • If your electric scooter has an LED screen (like the Raine One), turn it on and have a look at the different functions
  • Practice turning the e-scooter’s power button on and off
  • Try out the different speed modes to see which one suits you
  • Practice slowing down using the brakes. Depending on your e-scooter, there can be multiple ways to brake on the front and back
  • Practice accelerating and decelerating using the throttle
  • Test out the lights on your e-scooter for night riding
  • Check the locking mechanism
  • If your scooter is able to be folded, test this out. Check your manual if you’re not sure

Now that you’ve tested out your electric scooter, you’re ready to rip it up on the streets.

Steps on riding an electric scooter

So, you know how your electric scooter works, now you want to know how to ride it. Here’s our step-by-step guide.

Step #1: Place e-scooter on flat road or sidewalk

This will give you a feel for riding your electric scooter. You don’t want to start off on a bumpy road or on a hill for your first time.

Step #2: Raise the kickstand

Use one of your feet to raise the kickstand. Depending on your scooter it’ll either go under the scooter or beside it.

Step #3: Get your feet in place

Place one foot at the front of the scooter deck. Whichever foot you favor, this should remain off the scooter for now. Grip the handlebars with your hands.

Step #4: Get your favored foot on deck

Place your strong foot behind your front foot. This will allow you to keep your balance.

Step #5: Slowly press the throttle

All electric scooters have different types of throttles, but the technique is the same. You want to start with a smooth motion to get the scooter moving. Avoid pressing down on the throttle hard as this will cause your e-scooter to jerk forwards and you may lose control.

Step #6: Rotate the handlebars to stay balanced

Keep your hands steady on the handlebars. By turning the handlebars, this will cause the e-scooter to turn.

Step #7: Use the brakes

Use your brakes to slow down. Avoid sudden braking as this can cause you to lose balance on the scooter. Most e-scooters have a back brake and a front brake. The back brake usually allows for a more gradual stop, whereas the front brake can be used if there’s a sudden need to come to a stop.

Safety gear to wear on an electric scooter

Electric scooter and helmet

Electric scooters are designed to be fun to ride, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard safety. Even if you have complete faith in your own ability, roads can be dangerous, especially when sharing with many other vehicles. Here’s the safety gear you need for riding an electric scooter.


Never leave the house without your helmet. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a two-minute ride or a two-hour ride, you should never step onto an electric scooter without a helmet. If you own a bike helmet, you can wear that. For better protection, moped helmets are great because they are heavy duty and more durable. Check out our electric scooter helmet guide for more info.


Apart from head gear, you should wear long-sleeved clothing to protect your arms and legs. If you happen to fall off your electric scooter, you’re much less likely to injure yourself if you’ve got protective clothing on. For children, elbow pads and knee pads should be worn while riding their e-scooters.


Electric scooter gloves are another way to protect yourself. When people fall, it’s their natural reaction to put their hands out to take the impact, which is why gloves are a great idea. Check out our electric scooter gloves article for more info.

Common electric scooter riding mistakes

Avoid these common e-scooter mistakes.

Accelerating too fast

This is when the person has pushed the throttle too hard. If you do this, it could cause you to lose control of the scooter and fall off the deck. You can damage your scooter or injure yourself. Remember that some electric scooters, like the Raine One have different modes. If you’re just starting out, choose the slowest mode to avoid losing control.

Braking too hard

Braking hard can cause damage to your brakes and can potentially throw you off the scooter. Therefore, sudden braking should only happen in an emergency when you’re about to crash into something or someone

Turning too far

If you turn the handlebars too far, it could cause you to fall off your scooter. Make sure to shift your weight to keep the scooter upright. Slow and steady is the best way to do anything on an electric scooter.

Common electric scooter injuries

Woman riding electric scooter with helmet

According to CDC, 45% of all electric scooter accidents involving head injuries in the U.S. could have been prevented by wearing a helmet.

So Always wear a helmet!! 

Below are some other ways to avoid an injury:

  • Keep your electric scooter maintenance up to date
  • Always wear protective gear
  • Practice riding regularly
  • Read the scooter’s manual
  • Avoid riding in dangerous weather conditions
  • Know your local e-scooter laws
  • Use hand signals when turning
  • Constantly stay aware of other vehicles around you
  • Never take unnecessary risks

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