Electric Scooter Tires: Everything You Need To Know

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When buying an electric scooter, the first things that people look for are how fast it can go and how many hours you can ride before it needs to be recharged. 

However, tires are also an important factor when it comes to buying an electric scooter because they determine the safety, durability and quality of your ride. Do you want to make your commute as comfortable as possible? Check the quality of an electric scooter’s tires before you buy it.

Imagine driving a car with poorly made or worn-down tires. Driving in wet weather can put yourself and others on the road in danger because your tires may not be able to grip the road as well. It’s the same for electric scooters.

In this guide, we’re going to answer all your questions on tires including:

-   What types of electric scooter tires are there?

-   What tires do Raine One electric scooters use?

-   Does tire size make any difference?

-   How do you pump an electric scooter tire?

-   How do you fix a flat tire on an electric scooter?

-   Can you ride an electric scooter with a flat tire?

-   How long do electric scooter tires last?

-   What does PSI, kPa or bar mean?

-   What pressure should my electric scooter tires be?

-   How do I change the tires on my electric scooter?

-   How do tires affect the weight that an electric scooter can carry?


Keep reading to find out everything about electric scooter tires.

What types of electric scooter tires are there?

There are two types of tires used for electric scooters:

-   Pneumatic tires

-   Solid tires

Pneumatic tires

Pneumatic tires, also commonly referred to as air-filled tires, are (as the name suggests) filled with air. These tires are made of supple rubber and can be identified by a valve stem on the side or into the center of the wheel. This can be used to check air pressure and fill or empty air from the tire. Pneumatic tires are also used for bicycles and cars. 

Pneumatic tires absorb shock very well, so they make for a more comfortable ride. If you plan on riding your electric scooter off-road or on rough surfaces, pneumatic tires will make your ride less bumpy.

Pneumatic tires for electric scooters usually have an inner tube which is where the air is held. It also means that if the tire is punctured, only the inner tube needs to be replaced or fixed.

Advantages of pneumatic tires:

-   Absorbs shock

-   Smoother ride

-   Better traction (even in wet conditions)

Disadvantages of pneumatic tires:

-   More prone to punctures

-   Have to maintain air pressure

Solid tires

Solid tires, also called ‘airless’ tires are made of hard rubber or hard rubber on the outside with a foamy inside. Compared to pneumatic, solid tires are a lot heavier. This means that they are much harder to puncture, but the ride won’t be as smooth.

While not getting a flat tire means less maintenance, the tires themselves can still wear down over time and can sometimes be hard to replace. Some electric scooter models require the whole wheel and motor to be exchanged, which can be quite expensive. Fortunately, these tires often last for years.

Riding off-road is possible with solid tires but it’ll be very bumpy.

Advantages of solid tires:

-   No flat tires

-   No maintenance required

Disadvantages of solid tires:

-   Heavier electric scooter

-   Less comfortable ride

-   The tire shape may affect handling

-   Difficult to replace

-   Less traction

What tires does the Raine One electric scooter use?

The Raine One electric scooter uses pneumatic tires because we wanted to provide our customers with a smoother ride. When we were deciding on the type of tires to use for our electric scooter, we wanted to use pneumatic tires because they are lighter and have better traction, but there was the issue of getting flat tires. We came up with pneumatic tires that have a self-healing gel to help combat punctures. This meant we didn’t have to compromize on comfort or have riders worrying about getting flat tires.

Not only does the Raine One have high-quality tires, but it also has great suspension. Some electric scooter models have good tires but no suspension. However, it’s important to have excellent tires and suspension, not one without the other. The Raine One has front and rear poly-shock suspension, giving the rider a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Does tire size make any difference?

Pneumatic tires tend to be bigger diameter than solid tires. The bigger the tire, for example 10 inch or 8.5 inch instead of 6 inch, the more comfortable your ride will be because the larger diameter makes it easier to go over bumps in the road. Smaller tires mean your wheel is more likely to get caught in a pothole or step, which can either unbalance you or throw you off your scooter.

Bigger tires can also handle faster speeds more comfortably and also provide better safety and traction.

The pneumatic tires on the Raine One are a diameter of 10 inches, which gives it extra stability and is safer on different surfaces.

How do you pump an electric scooter tire?

You can use a standard bicycle pump or an electric pump with a gauge to check tire pressure. It’s recommended that if you’re regularly riding your electric scooter to check once a fortnight. If the pressure is low, use the pump to bring the pressure back up. The most likely cause of getting a flat tire is due to having insufficient pressure.

Fully inflated tires also mean your electric scooter can go faster and less surface area is in contact with the ground, which reduces drag.

For heavier electric scooter riders, it’s a good idea to keep the tire pressure on the higher side to avoid slowing the scooter down.

How do you fix a flat tire on an electric scooter?

It depends on how much damage has been done to the tire. If you need something replaced, such as the inner tube for a pneumatic tire, then you probably need to get someone else to replace it. Your local bicycle shop may have parts available, but otherwise, a moped repair shop will be able to help you.

If you are familiar with changing car parts or other vehicles, then you can fix the tire yourself, but we recommend you get a professional to do it if you’re unsure.

How do I prevent a flat tire on an electric scooter?

A tube sealant is great for preventing pneumatic tires from going flat. Best of all, it’s inexpensive, easy to use and quick to apply.

The sealant is pumped into the inner tube of the tire through the same valve used to inflate it. The liquid churns around inside the tube while the wheel is spinning and when a hole appears, the fluid leaks into the hole and quickly dries, preventing any further damage. It’s definitely worth using tube sealant to save the hassle of getting a flat tire later down the track. It’s particularly useful for people who are riding their electric scooters every day and are more prone to punctures.

Can you ride an electric scooter with a flat tire?

It’s not ideal to drive or ride any vehicle with a flat tire, as you’ll only cause more damage to it and it could even explode. If you do get a tire puncture, it’s best to get off your electric scooter and find an alternative way home.

How long do electric scooter tires last?

This depends on a number of factors including the type of terrain you normally ride on, how hard you use the brakes and how often you ride your electric scooter. The average tires on an electric scooter will need to be changed every 2,000-3,000 miles (3,200-4,800 kilometers).

However, if the tread on the tires is low, then the tires need to be changed. You can buy a tire tread depth gauge tool if you’re unsure about the tread. They only cost about $10 and make it easy to check.

What does PSI, kPa or bar mean?

This is the unit of measurement for air pressure in tires and PSI stands for pounds per square inch. It’s important to check your electric scooter’s pressure regularly because if it’s not in the recommended pressure range, it can affect safety and the scooter’s performance. Depending on what country you are in, kPa or bar may be the unit of pressure often used, and an online PSI/kPa/bar converter will help you out. 

What pressure should my electric scooter tires be?

It depends on what type of electric scooter you have, but most models recommend that it’s between 40 to 55 PSI. The manual that comes with your electric scooter should tell you what PSI your tires should be, and sometimes they are even written on the tire itself.

How do tires affect the weight that an electric scooter can carry?

Bigger tires can carry more weight, so electric scooters designed for heavier adults will usually have tires with a larger diameter to accommodate more weight. Both pneumatic and solid tires can be used for heavy-duty electric scooters but pneumatic is more common because they allow for a smoother ride.

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