Top 5 Benefits of Using an Electric Scooter to Get to Work

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Are you sick of getting stuck in traffic every day on your way to work?

Is walking to and from the train station tiresome and you wish there was a quicker way?

Well, there is.

Electric scooters are growing in popularity and are a quick way of getting to work. They are also a handy last-mile solution for people who use them for getting to and from public transport.

So why should you ride an electric scooter to work?

We’ve outlined five massive benefits for city workers to make their commute a breeze.

Can I ride an electric scooter to work?

Electric scooters are great for riding to work! Some adults may be hesitant to ride an electric scooter because they may view them as something that children ride. People’s views on e-scooters are changing though, especially as more cities around the world trial e-scooter share schemes.

Another factor that might put people off buying an electric scooter is their height. People who are tall may find some electric scooters limiting, but there are actually plenty of e-scooter models that are perfectly fine for those on the taller side.

Can I park my electric scooter on the sidewalk?

It depends on what kind of electric scooter you have. Some electric scooters may not have an in-built locking system so it would be safer to keep them indoors where possible. The Raine One e-scooter has an in-built steel cable lock. The scooter can be locked via the Raine scooter app or by using a code. You can also unlock the scooter using a manual key, if you’re in a situation where the battery is dead.

Five benefits of riding an electric scooter to work

Flexibility and speed

No waiting for buses or trains, just hop on your electric scooter and away you go. There are lots of e-scooters available on the market today and as the technology improves, they are able to reach higher speeds. If you’re looking for a fast electric scooter, then the Raine One could be the answer. It’s able to reach 45 km/h 28 mph) and has three different modes depending on how quickly you want to get somewhere.

Electric scooters also mean no waiting in traffic. Take advantage of travelling in the bicycle lane, which is especially handy when you live in a big, congested city. It’s an exhilarating feeling being able to coast along all those cars stuck in heavy traffic. Riding an electric scooter is liberating and they are fairly easy to ride, even if you’ve never stepped foot on a regular scooter before.


Do you want an electric scooter you can carry in your backpack? I’m just joking. They’re not that portable… yet. However, foldable electric scooters are a thing and they’re easy to store.

When you can’t be bothered riding your bike home, you run the risk of having it stolen if you’re leaving it in the city overnight. Electric scooters are so portable that they can easily fit in the boot of a car if you need to catch an Uber home.

While you’re at work, you can charge your electric scooter under your desk or beside a wall, so it’s not blocking other people’s path.

Balance and movement

Nowadays, people spend so much time indoors and sitting in front of a screen. Getting on an electric scooter gives you a bit of time to see what’s happening around you, rather than sitting in your car or on the train.

While you’re not going to get as much of a workout on an electric scooter compared to riding a bike, you’re still doing more physical activity than you would otherwise. It also gives you an opportunity to switch off from what’s going on in your life and just enjoy the experience of whizzing down the road.

Environmentally friendly

We know cars are petrol guzzlers. Electric scooters are a much eco-friendlier way of getting to work. They need electricity to run, but this will make far less of an impact on the planet than driving a car.

Another advantage is electric scooters are much quieter. Cars, buses and trains create a lot of the noise that we hear living in a city, so why not ride along on a quiet electric scooter?


It’s expensive to own a car. Rather than worrying about all those parking fees and petrol, hop on an electric scooter. The scooter itself is much cheaper than a car and there are very little maintenance costs.

When you add up the cost of public transport, an electric scooter is still a much cheaper way of commuting to and from work. Check out our full article on the cost of riding an electric scooter versus driving a car, catching public transport and catching rideshare vehicles. 

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