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Why kickstarter?

We wanted to use Kickstarter to help bring the best scooter in the world, to as many people as possible. Designing and manufacturing any product is incredibly expensive. You can spend thousands, even millions, on research and private development, and even more again on marketing, only to find out your customers want something different.

With Kickstarter, you can get instant feedback from backers, implement those changes and ultimately involve your customers in the final development of your product.

Our 30-day Kickstarter campaign launched on November 11, 2019 – with the campaign fully funded in a record 43 minutes! During the campaign, we received invaluable pieces of feedback and insight from our backers, which we have now implemented into the final design of the Raine One. We now look forward to sharing the Raine One with the world and having our Kickstarter backers along for the ride!

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Instant Feedback

We can make adjustments to our initial design to ensure it is the best that it can be

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The dialogue we start during our kickstarter will form the foundation for our business as we move to develop new and exciting products in the future.

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We feel a great responsibility to deliver our backers an exceptional product in the time frame we have promised.



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Team Highlights
Our Experience

At Raine, we’re passionate about creating awesome products for everyone to enjoy. The Raine One scooter is built to put the fun into your daily journey. By combining our areas of expertise and focusing on the customer, we’ve developed an innovative solution to your personal transport needs.

Raine was founded in Melbourne, Australia by three passionate entrepreneurs. James Murphy, the co-founder of the BajaBoard off-road electric skateboard, wanted to design and create a product that’s easy and fun to ride. Marc Alexander, the co-founder of the LIFX smart light bulbs, adds his years of experience running successful companies and designing electronics. Michelle Mannering, the co-founder of the Black AI visualisation system, adds her marketing and partnerships flair.

Together, they are the ultimate trio, focused on providing customers with amazing products and high-quality service.

Combined team experience

Over 20 products successfully on the market today

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Raine One FAQ's

Below you'll find a collection of our most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long can the Raine One electric scooter go for? (battery life)

In eco-mode, the Raine One will last 40 km / 25 miles. This roughly equates to about 2 to 3 hours of riding time depending on rider weight and terrain.

Q. Is the battery of the Raine One electric scooter interchangeable?

Not at this stage, but we are looking to build an interchangeable battery in the future.

Q. What is the maximum rider weight for the Raine One?

Maximum safe rider weight is 120kg / 265lbs. 

Q. Can the Raine One electric scooter go off road?

The Raine One is designed with cobblestones, tram tracks, pebbles, sticks, and other small obstacles in mind. It’s perfect for riding through the city or along a dirt path. Front and rear suspension will ensure you feel a smooth, bumpy free ride every time.

Q. Can I take the Raine One electric scooter on the train?

As the Raine One folds up, you can easily take it on your daily commute. Most trains and trams around the world allow for electric scooters. However, we advise you to check your local laws before taking it on public transport.

Q. Can I ride the Raine One electric scooter in the rain?

The Raine One is water resistant and will handle light-medium rain and small-medium puddles. We don’t advise you ride through a storm… for your own sake - not the scooter!

Q. What it the capacity of the Raine One battery?

The battery of the Raine One is 48V, 500-600Wh Lithium Ion. Japanese cells.

Q. How fast does the Raine One electric scooter go? (speed)

The Raine One has a top speed of 50kmh / 31mph. You can change the maximum speed to suit your region’s road requirements or your own skill level.

Q. How long does the Raine One electric scooter take to charge?

There’s a 2-3 hour fast charge time on the Raine One for about 20km / 12 miles of range.

Q. How heavy (weight) is the Raine One electric scooter ?

The Raine One weighs around 12kg / 26lbs. That’s light enough for you to fold and carry it up or down a flight of stairs. 

Q. Can the Raine One electric scooter go up hills?

Absolutely! The Raine one is designed to tackle a 15 degree incline. No more push uphill!

Q. Does the Raine One electric scooter fold up?

Yep, sure does. This allows you to easily transport your scooter - pop it in the back of your car, carry it down a flight of stairs, or place it under your desk.

Q. Can I push the Raine One electric scooter manually if I run out of power?

Our integrated companion app will remind you when you need to charge your scooter, and if you have enough charge to get to and from your destination. If you feel like some exercise, you can push the scooter along, and your Raine One will glide along the road.

Q. How do I slow down when riding the Raine One?

The Raine One has a hand controlled brake, as well as regenerative braking. You’ll have no trouble stopping when you need to.

Q. What is the motor wattage of the Raine One?

The Raine One motor is 750W+ with 200W / 250W / 500W limited region mode and burst mode.

Q. Do I have to wear a helmet when riding the Raine One electric scooter?

Check to see if your hometown requires you to wear a helmet. In many countries, a helmet is a legal requirement for riding scooters. We advise you to check the local laws before riding the Raine One on roads. Raine Scooters takes no responsibility for any illegal activity.

Q. How easy is it to ride the Raine One electric scooter?

Super easy!

Q. Is the Raine One electric scooter road-legal?

Check the legality of electric scooters in your hometown. In some countries, electric scooters are not road legal yet. We advise you to check the local laws before riding the Raine One on roads. Raine Scooters takes no responsibility for any illegal activity.

Q. Do I need a license to ride the Raine One electric scooter?

Check to see if your hometown requires you to have a license to ride an electric scooter. In many countries, you do not need a license to ride an electric scooter. We advise you to check the local laws before riding the Raine One on roads. Raine Scooters takes no responsibility for any illegal activity.

Q. When will the Raine One electric scooter be shipped? (when will I get it?)

If you purchase a Raine One during our pre-sale, you'll be among the first in the world to receive the Raine One electric scooter. Delivery is planned for July 2020. 

Q. What is Raine's Returns and Warranty policy?

Yes! More information can be found here.

Q. Can I get the Raine One electric scooter in my country?

If you purchase a Raine One through our online store, we offer free international shipping. So if you have a post office nearby or a postal address, we can get it to you!

Q. Will any of the Raine One's parts need to be replaced over time?

The tyres will need to be replaced with wear over time, just like a car. But parts will be able to be easily replaced and available through our online store after the first Raine One Scooters are shipped in mid-2020.

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