Top 7 Electric Scooter Stores in Australia

Top electric scooter stores in Australia

We Love Scooters!!

After all they are a symbol of freedom and the chance to get you where you want to be for a relatively low price. These little scooters are just perfect for those of us in places with cramped parking, and tight budgets.

Plus, you don’t have to be asked to move your scooter out of the driveway when somebody is heading to work before you 😉

So, where is the best place to find an electric scooter in Australia?

Check out these seven great shops where you can get your hands on an electric scooter. We list the brands they offer and where you can find the shops, too.

1. Electric Scooters Big W

electric scooter big w

Big W, you can find nearly everything you ever wanted, everything from bulk foods to a new jacket to a birthday card for your grandma. But did you also know they offer electric scooters for sale?

At the time of writing, you can buy a Huffy Helix 12V Electric Battery Powered Scooter, in your color choice of orange or pink. They come at a price of only $99 and you can also use AfterPay to make four payments of $25 if that is easier for you.

There is a catch though, this model is more for the kids. It makes a nice scooter if you yourself are a youngster looking for your mum or dad to buy you a scooter for a birthday or Christmas gift. Or perhaps if you are that parent looking for a nice gift for your child, niece or nephew.

Huffy Helix 12V Electric Battery Powered Scooter:

  • Great starter e-scooter for children
  • It is still a pretty nice little ride - speeds go up to 12.9 km/h which is pretty fast for a child.
  • You can also kick-power the scooter if you run out of battery power.
  • You get 40 minutes of ride time out of this little Huffy.

However, when I went down to my local Big W in Melbourne, they didn’t seem to have stock of the electric scooter. They did have quite a large rage of kick scooters stocked.

2. Electric Scooters Kmart

electric scooter kmart

A quick check at reveals that there is one e-KICK Electric scooter available. It is at the cost of $99, and AfterPay may be used to help you get your scooter even sooner.

At the time of this writing, the scooter was sold out, but the site said there were more on the way. The scooter is a unisex design, coming in colors of black and yellow. Boys and girls alike will find a lot of joy in using this scooter.

Kmart e-KICK Electric scooter

  • It goes up to 12 km/h, which is still a little slower than our previous Huffy, but still satisfactory for many children.
  • The scooter holds up to 55 kgs, so children and some smaller adults can have some fun with it.
  • You can kick start the scooter, and the battery operates on 12V/100W.

Read the E-KICK Owner Manual here:

You can check your neighborhood’s local Kmart, or you can certainly order it to be sent directly to your home. If you need help locating a Kmart near you, go to their website and search for a store at the top of the page.

Getting this sent to your local store is also an option. All in all, this is a pretty neat little scooter!

I went to my local Kmart, but again they didn’t have stock either.

3. Electric Scooters eBay

electric scooter ebay

Now eBay has a plethora of scooters you may choose from. You can get EcoRico, Bird, Segway scooters, Xiaomi scooters, Citycoco, and Raine (Post Kickstarter) whatever you like really, it’s there! You can even step up your scooter game to get those scooters that remind you of mini-motorcycles (if you want to go that far)!

But for now, we have chosen a MegaWheels scooter that is reasonably priced and comes with 3-day shipping from USA. It costs about $215, and supports up to 150 lbs, so even grown-ups can have some fun with it.

You can also enjoy a 2.5-hour ride time with this neat little folding scooter. And if you are commuting to work or school, the scooter folds up easily to fit under a desk or in a storage locker whilst you complete classes or job duties.

The color is black, and you can repaint it your own color if you so wish. You can control the brakes and the throttle using the handlebars, making it a safe way to motor around. You can change it to different modes. Kid mode tops the speed at 6km/h, novice mode at 15 km/h, and sports mode at 24 km/h.

For the price, this seems to be a pretty nice little ride, and we liked that the LCD display tells you all you need to know about your speed and battery life.

4. Electric Scooters Gumtree

electric scooter from gumtree

Gumtree is a lot like an online garage sale - you never know what treasures you will find.

Our search for a general look at what scooters were available yielded some results for Xiaomi and Segway scooters, at varying prices. At the time of this writing, the Segway was $625, and the Xiaomi's came as a pair for about $1110. Another seller had some kids scooters available for about $200.

All in all, this is a good place to find some scooters your local store may not carry, or if you seek a model that is no longer in production, this can help you find that model.

You may have to negotiate with a seller who lives far away on postage costs, so be prepared to offer your seller some money to ship it if necessary. If it gets you the scooter you want, it will be well worth your time.

5. Electric Scooters Aldi (Special Buys Only!)

We love Aldi because they offer great food at a great price, and because their Special Buys section is like a treasure hunt. You find objects you didn't know you needed until you actually see them and hold them.

Well, keep your eyes out for this special buy known as the Crane Electric scooter.

Aldi Crane Electric Scooter

  • These are great scooters for kids.
  • They are designed for ages 8 and up and have a run time of 40 minutes.
  • They hold a max of 55kg, so your child will have loads of fun or if you are a smaller adult, you will enjoy this scooter, too.

Owner manual can be found here.

They come in the colors of green and red, and they look sharp, too. They are easily push started so you can start having fun immediately!

Call your local Aldi or ask a store associate when they might get them in stock so you can get one.

aldi electric scooter

6. Scooter Hut

Scooter Hut has brands like:

  • Xiaomi;
  • Root Industries;
  • I-Glide;
  • Longway; and
  • Envy, plus much much more!
  • Raine (August 2020)

You can get exactly what you want when you shop here.

Prices range anywhere from $500 AUD to about $2,000 AUD so be prepared for that. However, you can trust that you are getting a great product here; this is a shop that caters to the pros.

These scooters answer the needs of kids out to have some fun, teens scootering competitively or adults who would like to commute to work. Parts and wheels are also available so when it comes time to change your setup, you can simply order and have the goods sent to your home.

There are showrooms in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Gold Coast, but many of us will have to order online.

7. Walk Smart Australia - Electric Scooters, Bikes, Skateboards and More!

The mission at WalkSmart is to help individuals embrace new forms of personal transportation; so that they can live a better life. Through improvements in time, convenience and cost savings; new personal transportation solutions are game-changing for the quality of lives of consumers.

WalkSmart is Australia's leading all-in-one e-mobility store. WalkSmart sells, rents, services and repairs electric scooters, bikes, skateboards and more! Anything that helps people get from A to B!

New riders can come in store to experience the best e-mobility products the world has to offer, through test riding or renting before purchasing. WalkSmart stocks the most extensive range, backed by superior after-sales service. When you buy from WalkSmart, you buy worry-free.

Learn more at 

Where to buy an electric scooter

Scooters are the future, and they are also the present. Don’t get left in the dust, shop the Top 7 Electric Scooter Stores in Australia and ride the eco-friendly and fun way to your next party, shift at work, or just to get some air.

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