Electric scooter vs Push bike: Which one’s better?

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In the past, people who didn’t own cars had very few transportation options. Most people would either walk, ride a bicycle or catch public transport if they were lucky enough to have access to it.

Nowadays, there are so many different ways of getting from ‘A’ to ‘B’, including electric skateboards, electric bicycles and electric scooters.

Electric scooters are great for adults commuting to work because they’re fun and easy to ride.

In this article, we’re going to look at traditional push bicycles versus electric scooters and see which one is better.

Are electric scooters better than bikes?

It really depends on what you feel more comfortable riding. An advantage for an adult who has never ridden an electric scooter before is that they are very easy to ride for beginners. Standing upright means you can balance on an e-scooter with ease, compared to a bicycle if you’ve never ridden one before.

For an adult riding a bike for the first time, it can be challenging and much easier to learn when you’re a child because once you’ve learned you’ll never forget how to ride one. As an adult, you also feel more self-conscious and will probably be more scared to fall off.

The advantage of push bikes is that they are excellent if you want to get fit. A bicycle will only move as fast as you pedal, so the more energy you put in the more time you save in travel.

However, bicycles are a pain to ride uphill and can cause people to feel tired. At the start of the day, that’s fine because you have plenty of energy but after a long day of work, sometimes all you want to do is relax.

Is an electric scooter cheaper than a bike?

The cost of electric scooters and bikes can vary dramatically. When you walk into a bicycle shop, you’ll be overwhelmed by the range of different bikes including road bikes, mountain bikes and single-speed bikes.

You can find both cheap electric scooters and bicycles for as little as $100, but that doesn’t mean they’re good quality. If you plan on using it to commute to work every day, it’s definitely worth investing money in something that is good quality and lasts a long time.

The average cost of a bicycle is usually around the $400-$500 mark, which is about the same for an electric scooter. However, if you want a top of the range electric scooter with more power, range and speed like the Raine One, you’ll need to fork out some extra money.

The same goes for bicycles. Bicycles that are $1,000 or more will be more comfortable to ride and faster than cheaper push bikes.  

Is an electric scooter faster than a bike?

If you’re looking for a fast electric scooter like the Raine One, which can reach speeds of 28 mph (45 km/h), then it can go faster than the average bicycle. Of course, not all electric scooters can reach this speed with the average e-scooter speed between 12-19 mph (20-30 km/h)

Bicycles vary in speed depending on the rider’s fitness. In general, the average speed for people cycling to work is 11-18 mph (18-29 km/h), which is still a lot faster than walking.

It’s also important to note that many local councils have enforced a maximum speed for electric scooters. For example, in Melbourne, an electric scooter cannot exceed 200 watts in power or 10 km/h in speed. It varies from place to place with some cities having much higher speed limits for e-scooters. So, while electric scooters may be able to travel faster than a bicycle, it’s not always permitted.

Is an electric scooter safer than a bike?

Both bicycles and electric scooters are safe to ride, however, road collisions are possible on any type of vehicle. It’s important to remember that cars pose a much higher danger to other road users, while electric scooters and bicycles pose very little threat to others.

In terms of built-in safety, an electric scooter is the winner. For example, the Raine One e-scooter has programmable LED lights at the front and rear to help people when they’re riding in the dark. It also has brake lights so people behind know to slow down.

Bicycles, on the other hand, require the rider to purchase extra safety equipment such as lighting or fluorescent clothing.

It’s also important to always wear a helmet riding an electric scooter or bicycle. Accidents can still be fatal even when riding slowly and especially if you are hit by a car. A helmet can potentially save your life.

Is an electric scooter more comfortable than a bike?

The electric scooter wins when it comes to comfort because you are standing upright. Bicycles sometimes have very hard seats and even with more comfortable seats, can cause the rider some discomfort after a long journey. We spend so much of our day sitting at work that electric scooters offer us a reprieve from our sedentary life.

Another aspect that adds to comfort is that an electric scooter doesn’t require any pedalling, which can use up a lot of energy especially if it’s hot or you’re riding uphill.

Does an electric scooter or a bike have better range?

When it comes to range, a push bike definitely wins because its range is as big as you have the energy to keep pedalling. For people who enjoy long-distance riding, there’s no denying that a bicycle is most suited for this type of travel.

Electric scooters run on a battery, so they will eventually run out of juice. There are long range electric scooters available, like the Raine One which can go for 40 km before it’ll need a recharge.

Should I get a bike or an electric scooter?

In our opinion, an electric scooter is best for commuting and a bicycle is best for long distance journeys and fitness.

Electric scooters for commuting

If you’re looking for a quick way to get to work but don’t want to walk, or you need something to solve that last mile problem, then an electric scooter is the answer. For people who don’t want to work up a sweat and want to look good when they walk into the office, an electric scooter is the perfect light electric vehicle. Plus, you can charge it under your desk and keep it out of the way.

Bicycles for long distance journeys and fitness

Need to lose a bit of weight or just want to blow off some steam? Then a bicycle is definitely for you. If you’re someone who can’t fit in time to go to the gym and you don’t like running, riding your bicycle to work or on the weekend is a great way to get in shape.  

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