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Electric scooters have come a long way over the years, with Raine leading this wave of innovation. From heated handlebars to an unparalleled riding experience, we’ve worked to take electric scooters to the next level. We’ve now taken it a step further with the introduction of the Raine App. 

The Raine App is one of the most exciting features that we’ve been developing since starting Raine Scooters back in 2018. Designed to enhance riders’ experience and to ensure you get the most out of your Raine scooter, the Raine App utilizes the newest technology to showcase an array of unique and innovative features.

What features does the Raine App have?

Since the development of the Raine App began, a lot of time and effort has been invested in its design to ensure that everything a rider needs is at their fingertips. To offer the most meaningful functions in a clear and easy to use way, the Raine App has been split into a ‘Main Dashboard’ and a ‘Secondary Dashboard’ with each showcasing a unique set of features. 

Main Dashboard

The main dashboard is where riders will find the most important and essential features for their trip including:
  • Map
  • Speed
  • Direction
  • Current riding mode
Raine App Main dashboard


As you begin your ride, you can enter the destination into the app, which will then map out the most efficient travel route. 
The Raine App shows a blue circle on the map which highlights the maximum distance the rider can travel using the scooter’s charge. This unique feature helps reassure that you always have more than enough range for your ride.
Estimated travel time and the estimated time of arrival is also shown to give riders a clear indication of current riding conditions. Also, since the map and navigation are one of the most important features of the app, they are always seen in the background of the main dashboard.


Similar to a car, your speed is seen on both the Raine App’s screen, as well as the scooter’s own dashboard.

Direction arrows

For simplicity and ease of navigation, the Raine App features an arrow to show the direction of travel in order to reach the destination. This prevents confusion and distractions that turn-by-turn navigation might cause.  

Riding mode

The Raine One scooter has three riding modes: 
  • Eco - this mode limits the scooter’s acceleration, but will give the rider the most range, allowing them to ride for longer.
  • Rocket - this mode will give the Raine One full motor power, including the scooter’s maximum speed with fast acceleration, but will reduce the range if maximum speed and acceleration are used constantly.
  • Smart - this mode gives the riders the best of both worlds by finding the balance between fast acceleration and range management.
The main dashboard of the app and the scooter shows which riding mode your Raine scooter is currently in. If riders wish to change the riding modes, they can do so through the main button on the Raine scooter, or tap the app icon.

Secondary dashboard and additional features

The secondary dashboard is where riders adjust the features of their Raine scooter, as well as view some important data on the scooter’s performance. In this dashboard you find:
  • Trip distance
  • Battery remaining
  • Estimated range
  • Odometer
  • Voltage
  • Current (Amps)
  • Power (Watts)
  • Estimated time to complete battery recharge
  • Estimated time of arrival

Battery life and alerts 

Nobody wants to run out of fuel on a drive! The Raine App shows the battery energy remaining, in addition to the very useful map circle that highlights the distance available for any single trip or round trip. No more guesswork needed.

Lights and customizing your Raine scooter

In addition to using the Raine One’s controls to select ride experiences and lights, the Raine App also has detailed lighting controls.


One of the Raine team’s favourite features is the fact that you can customize your Raine scooter’s lighting to your own personalized lighting colors and levels. You can select from an extensive palette of colors (seen below), and whether you want the lights to be animated or static. 

Ride History and Activity Feed 

It’s always great to look back over past journeys and see where you’ve traveled and how far. That’s why we’ve also included a ride history feature which includes: 

  • Past destinations
  • How long the trip was
  • Average speed
Raine App Trip details


Ensuring that the Raine scooter is safe and secure is one of the main priorities for us at Raine, that is why we’ve included numerous security features:

  • Raine scooter lock: Riders can lock and unlock their Raine Scooter using the Raine App. If the scooter is locked, the scooter is immobilized and won’t be able to be ridden. 
  • Alarm system: If someone has stolen the rider’s Raine scooter (or they’ve simply misplaced it), riders can also trigger an alarm sound and flashing lights to find it.


The Raine One has a rear electric motor that supports regenerative braking, which will recharge the scooter as it is decelerating, allowing the rider to get the most range out of the battery. To assist with this, the Raine App allows riders to control how much regen-braking they would like to have during their ride. 

How do I use the Raine App?

The Raine App has been designed to be very easy to use. When setting up the Raine scooter, the rider will be prompted to log-in and register their Raine scooter within the app so they are linked. During this process, the rider will be able to select app features such as: 

  • Units (Miles vs. Kilometers) 
  • Language 

They will also select their location as the Raine One’s power and speed level will always function according to local regulations. We understand that sometimes local regulations will not allow the rider to use the Raine scooter to its full potential, that’s why we created the ‘Off-Road’ mode. 

If this off-road mode is selected, the rider will have unrestricted power and speed levels, which will allow them to ride in places with no speed restrictions. Please note that this feature is selected by your logged in app, and to do so, you will need to accept a disclaimer. 

When will the Raine App be available to download?

The Raine app will be available to download for iOS and Android devices in 2021. Make sure you’re following Raine Scooters on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to keep updated.

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