Raine Electric Scooter Parts

Raine electric scooter parts

Electric Scooter ABS Brake Pads

Raine One brake pads are extremely sturdy as a lot of pressure is applied to them, and we want our riders to feel secure whenever they ride one of our scooters. ABS and traction control maintain grip to ensure the rider stops safely in any condition.

To make the final parts, we must first make sample parts to ensure everything is right from draft angles to location of holes and the strength of the part. It takes about 25 days to get our sample parts right before we start production. Below is a photo of Raine Scooters’ design engineer James holding a sample brake pad that the rider presses down when needing to brake.

Electric scooter ABS brake pad
Raine co-founder and design engineer James demonstrating the strength of the Raine One brake pad.

Electric Scooter with Headlights

As you can see below, our headlights have a number of structures and holes in the back to ensure stability. Raine One has LED lights on the front and rear of the scooter, and are customizable so you’ll always be able to see even on the darkest of nights. Below is a photo of James holding a sample headlight frame that the headlight is held in.

Electric scooter headlight part
Raine co-founder James showing how the headlight goes inside this frame.

Bag Hook (new feature!)

The bag hook is the newest feature to be added to the Raine One scooter. As you’re riding along, you can now place your bag on the hook. This makes it easier to balance on the scooter as you won’t have the bag’s weight on your body. Below is a photo of James holding the headlight frame with the bag hook behind it (facing the camera).

electric scooter bag hook part
Raine co-founder James showing the newest feature of the Raine One e-scooter, the bag hook that is attached to the back of the headlight assembly.

Rear Swing-arm

The rear swing-arm is made of high-strength steel, which allows us to improve the industrial design of the Raine One and increase its durability. The side plates that go on the left and right hold the motor wire cable and LED lights for our light-up wheels. Below is a photo of James holding the rear swing-arm with new and improved industrial design.

Electric scooter rear swingarm part
Raine co-founder James discussing the strength of the rear swing-arm on the Raine One e-scooter.

Electric Scooter Display/Handlebar

This is the actual holder for the handlebars which are locked in between with very strong screws. Our strong handlebars make it easier for riders to go over bumps and potholes whilst on their scooter. The handlebars are easy to grip and are even heated so you won’t get cold hands while riding the Raine One e-scooter. Below is James holding the handlebar display which will also lock the handlebars inside.

electric scooter display frame
Raine co-founder James talking about the display assembly of the handlebars.

Electric Scooter Deck

Below is a computer image of the extrusion that has a sliding tray carrying the scooter battery. The combination is lightweight but strong all the way through the deck. Raine One has a wide deck which gives you plenty of standing room.

Render of electric scooter deck
An image of an extrusion that makes up the deck of the Raine One e-scooter.

Electric Scooter Spare Parts

If your scooter needs to be serviced, the Raine team is currently working to partner with international bike outlets, so you’ll be able to take your Raine One scooter to get repaired locally, and save on shipping to Australia.

Additionally, in the unlikely event that you need an extra part for repairs, spare parts will be available through our online store in the coming months.


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